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Here's what you're getting...
  •  Mouthwatering Recipes Under 30 Minutes
  • ​​List of Superfoods to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM
  • ​Kitchen Life-Saving Tools
  • ​Exquisite Vegan Dessert Recipes (Sugar-Free & Gluten-Free Options)
  • ​Techniques To Make Produce Last Longer
  • ​List of Best Foods for Meal Prep
  • ​Essential Ingredients for Quick & Tasty Soups
  • ​Kids friendly recipes! - bring the little helpers on board!
  • ​THE BEST Coconut Popsicle Recipe (3 Versions)

...and we will also include the following BONUSES!

  •  BONUS #1
    Best Plant Based Protein Sources - so you can stop worrying about where to get your protein.
  •  BONUS #2
    ​Complete Plant Based Grocery Shopping List - includes all the amazing seasoning you should always have!
  •  BONUS #3
    ​Dirty Dozen™ & Clean Fifteen™ List! - Crops with the most pesticides on and the fifteen fruit and vegetable that have the lowest amount of pesticide residue.
 I never thought vegan food could be so delicious! And the best part is that I’m cooking all my meals (even though I’ve never been a great cook). Thanks to all the tricks and tips given in this course, my vegan transition has been very enjoyable and smooth. 
Alexa H. - North Carolina
I LOVED vegan cooking hacks, the ebooks and all the amazing information provided. I’ve been vegan for the last 3 years but I didn’t know how to mix seasonings or pair food to create out of ordinary dishes and have always cooked the same recipes until now! My family and I are very happy because we are eating delicious meals and no longer need to eat beans everyday. 
Samantha L. - Virginia
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